New Three-Volume Edition

Four years ago today we celebrated the publication of the final fascicule of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources, completed after decades of painstaking work and a century after it was first proposed. Since that time the DMLBS has also been made available electronically with full electronic searching on the Brepolis platform and with more limited functionality on the free-to-use Logeion website.

The British Academy and OUP are now pleased to announce the publication in early 2018 of a consolidated three-volume edition of the DMLBS. This edition incorporates the previously published additions and corrections into the text of the first edition of the dictionary, together with a number of further additions and corrections. The text has been typeset afresh and the opportunity has been taken to increase typographical consistency throughout the dictionary.

In addition to being supplied conveniently bound as three hardback volumes, the new publication will represent increased value for purchasers, with a significant saving on the previous cost of a complete unbound set of fascicules of the first printing.


Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Dictionary cover vol I

Edited by Richard Ashdowne, David Howlett, and Ronald Latham

Published by OUP for the British Academy

£500 | 3 vols | 305 × 230mm

I (A–G) lxxxiii + 1402 [ISBN 978-0-19-726630-4]

II (H–P) iv + 1544 [ISBN 978-0-19-726631-1]

III (Q–Z) iv + 1154 [ISBN 978-0-19-726632-8]

Whole set ISBN 978-0-19-726633-5


Holders of incomplete sets of the publication in fascicules may wish to note that copies of individual fascicules will remain available now only until existing stocks are exhausted.