DHARMa report

We’re pleased to see the recent announcement of the release of the final report of the DHARMa project. This was a project looking at questions raised by research data in the humanities in Oxford and especially its preservation; the DMLBS project contributed to this as a case study last year. The full project report is available here and is well worth reading.

Although the results of the study come too late for the DMLBS, we welcome the careful and thoughtful presentation of the issues, and we would echo many of the extremely sensible findings and recommendations, particularly the value of individualized guidance and mentoring at all stages of a digital humanities project.

Now that issues relating to the basic level of digital preservation (of research data) have been aired, we hope attention can next be given to addressing the more difficult but vital issues raised by digital sustainability (of tools and interfaces), which should be the gold standard in maintaining the value created by digital humanities projects.