A celebration

Peter Glare

Peter Glare

Yesterday we celebrated the 90th birthday of our consultant editor Peter Glare with a party hosted by Oxford University Press attended by family and friends.

The OLD (right) and Peter's cake (left)

The OLD (right) and Peter’s cake (left)

Peter’s contribution to classical scholarship is inestimable. He became editor of the Oxford Latin Dictionary in 1954, taking on a project which had until then been in a state of near disarray and had relatively little to show for the years of work since its inception in 1933. Peter put the project on a sound footing and brought his immense linguistic acuteness to bear on the task, leading the small team of lexicographers to complete this major project. The resulting dictionary, first published in eight fascicules between 1968 and 1982, has been widely acclaimed since its first publication and it is now the standard scholarly reference for latinists in the Anglophone world and beyond.

Peter Glare

Peter Glare

After thirty years working on Latin, Peter then turned his lexicographical talents to the service of classical Greek scholarship, editing the revised Supplement to Liddell/Scott/Jones’ Greek Lexicon from 1981 through to its publication in 1996. Like the OLD, LSJ is a standard scholarly reference dictionary, and its revised Supplement is an essential companion that enables this venerable work to encompass the new evidence of the language that has emerged in recent decades.

Both dictionaries are essential reference tools that have been used every day by scholars worldwide since they were first published, and they will continue to be used for many decades, maybe even centuries, to come. Peter’s is truly a service to classical scholarship without rival.

Having completed two major lexicographical projects, Peter in retirement took up a fresh challenge, as consultant editor for the DMLBS, checking quotations, and reading and commenting on drafts of entries. There is not a page of the DMLBS in that period that has not been greatly enriched by his acute and wise comments. Moreover, as well as being a huge academic support to the project, he has also been throughout the most congenial of colleagues in the team.

It was thus a pleasure to have this opportunity to wish Peter a very happy 90th birthday and to thank him for all he has done for us and scholarship over so many years.IMG_1320 (Copy)


IMG_1332 (Copy)
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