End of an era

As the process of disbanding the project continues, the offices are becoming increasingly empty. Two big moves have now taken place with further moves scheduled.

The house collection of books is no longer with us. Books have been returned to their respective libraries, some having been on loan for so long that the libraries had long since forgotten we had them; others have gone back to their owners. A substantial chunk of the collection was of books from the Bodleian Library, which has been an invaluable support to the project for more than three decades: these books will eventually form the core of an open-shelves collection in the new Weston Library that is due to be opened any day now, and they will be accompanied by a substantial donation of the DMLBS’s own books in recognition of the Library’s contribution to the project over the years.

The collection of slips is also on the move. Collected for the DMLBS project since the 1920s, more than 200 boxes containing around 750,000 slips are now being transferred to the team in France compiling the pan-European Novum Glossarium thanks to funding for the move from the UAI. We hope that they will prove to be an invaluable resource for that team’s research.

The DMLBS offices in Oxford will close permanently on 30 Sept 2014.