We are continuing to work towards implementing our plans for electronic publication of the DMLBS and we will announce further details on this if and when we are in a position to do so. We regret that at present we remain unable to confirm if or when a version of the DMLBS will be available online and on what basis. (The full printed dictionary is of course now available and so the fruits of our long-running research are gradually making themselves known across the world, with many hundreds of copies already purchased.)

Little Domesday f. 49v

Little Domesday f. 49v

It’s important to us that any eventual electronic publication tries to meet the needs of the community from the Dictionary’s text, and we are thus interested in current and potential DMLBS users and their work. Accordingly with a view to online publication we’d be interested to hear from current or potential users of the Dictionary about their use of the existing Dictionary and other lexical aids.

A brief survey about this is now available: if you’re a present user of the Dictionary or a possible future one, please click on the Domesday image above to take the survey and let us know how and for what you (might) use the Dictionary. We hope to use the results to help guide some of the decisions that will need to be taken when any development work for an online dictionary gets going.

Photo credit: Andrew Barclay via Flickr


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