Advertising the Word-List: on this day 80 years ago

A letter from 16 April 1934 from Charles Johnson (joint editor, with J H Baxter, of the Medieval Latin Word-List from British and Irish Sources) to Sir Frederic Kenyon of the British Academy records the suggestion that:

it would probably be wise to have a small leaflet for circulation [to possible purchasers] … a page of the Word-List on the back of the Title-Wage [sic, l. Title-Page] would be quite enough and not too expensive.

This two-page leaflet was duly set up:

Word-List leaflet
Word-List leaflet verso

In June 1934 the London house of Oxford University Press proposed the production of 3750 copies of this flier to be distributed to:

The cost of distributing apart from the printing was to be £2 per 1000 plus the ½d. stamp,  unless they were able to go out with another leaflet ready at the same time for the same or similar audience.



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