Another archiveĀ find relating to Ronald Latham. There is no indication of authorship:

omnes cartophylaces festive laetantur
odae nostrae veraces illi gratulantur
cujus gesta vivaces vino celebrantur.

verba in principio coacervabantur
chaos insensibile et nox reducebantur
quae cum hic apparuit mox ordinabantur.

heros noster editor cum Latinitatis
in gazophylacio mediae aetatis
sapienter sedebat verba veritatis
dictitabat honeste. cobba utebatur.

sensibus jam distinctis liber imprimatur
Reginaldi Lathami in quo gloriatur.

Now one and all in his honour are gathering
Friends and AKs at a party you’ll find.
Witty and true are the verses we sing
As his prowess is wined.

In the beginning were words in their masses heaped
Chaos complete and the darkness of night.
Lo he appeared! In the verbal confusion
Soon there was light.

Wisely he spake as he sait in the treasure-house
Middle-Age-Latin’s true home and abode.
‘Using his loaf’ was his phrase for the elegant
Truth that he showed.

Definitions have been made
(Dogmatised or hinted)
Ronald, we are proud of you!
Let them now be printed.


One comment on “Verses

  1. Update: These verses were written by David Howlett on the occasion of Ronald Latham’s last retirement.

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