Today’s archive find is a set of notes for a talk on Lucretius by the DMLBS‘s first editor, Ronald Latham.
Latham Lucretius notes

Latham was (and still is) noted for his English prose translation of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura published in 1951 by Penguin books. Found alongside this were offprints of his article on Lucretius in the 1967 Encyclopedia of Philosophy ed. Paul Edwards (vol. V, pp. 99-101). (In the same files are also parts of Latham’s initial draft script for a proposed film about Marco Polo.)

However, what is interesting about the Lucretius notes is what is on the other side, for Latham is reusing the blank sides of some sheets from a manuscript from his other famous work, the Revised Medieval Latin Word-List, the precursor of the DMLBS.

Manuscript of Revised Word-List


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