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As the process of disbanding the dictionary project continues, I’m looking through the project’s collections of ‘stuff’ with a view to finding suitable future homes for those things that need keeping. A hundred years of collecting brings together a pretty diverse array of things, not all of which have a strong relevance to the dictionary itself.

Today’s find is from the early 1920s: it is a pair of documents stating the rules and charges for students at Balliol College, Oxford, the alma mater of the DMLBS’s first editor, Ronald Latham. From where these documents were found in our papers it is not clear to me whether these were kept by Latham from his own student days or came from some other source.

The two documents give us an idea of the practicalities of life in the college in the 1920s; there is a stark contrast with life in that college today nearly 100 years later. (Click on the images to see full-size versions.)

Balliol rules

Balliol rules

Balliol charges

Balliol charges 1922-4

Among the optional charges listed on the next page are:

BATHS are charged for at the following rates:-
Hot baths and hot shower baths … 4d. each.
Cold baths and cold shower baths 2d. each


3 comments on “From the archives

  1. If any of the material you’re going through has references to personal names in records before 1600, I would appreciate very much if you could let me know! This is material that my project would definitely be able to make use of.

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