End of an era

DMLBS team at workThe final day of February is a sad one for the project as it sees the disbanding of the team of Assistant Editors who so successfully saw the dictionary through to its completion in printed form at the end of last year. We also mark the departure, at the end of 2013, of our XML and Web Developer, Tom Wrobel. The project is indebted to all six individuals, Giuseppe Pezzini, Mark Thakkar, Kathrin Gowers, Shelagh Sneddon, Carolinne White, and Tom Wrobel, who have rendered such sterling service over many years and especially over the last two years. Without their contribution the dictionary would simply not have reached its conclusion and it stands as testament to their achievement. With huge gratitude we wish them all every good wish for the future.

The project, however, lives on in a skeleton form in its present home, with the Editor and Consultant Editor continuing work of various kinds over the coming weeks. Plans for electronic publication are well advanced and indeed ready for implementation, awaiting now only the necessary funding to be obtained.


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