Happy Christmas!

Medieval projects, especially those with large collections of manuscript material, can easily produce festive Christmas images at this time of year. But dictionaries nowadays tend to be unillustrated and we, unlike some of our medieval ancestors (such as the pictorial glossary of Beinecke MS 594), are sadly lacking in pictures that would work as a Christmas card.

Unlike some dictionaries, however, we’ve not been in the habit of releasing a ‘word of the day’ nor identifying a ‘word of the year’ that captures the Zeitgeist, and so by way of a small Christmas present here is a festive entry taken from the Dictionary (and presented in one of the intermediate formats now used during the editorial process, which is why it does not look exactly like the printed version):

DMLBS entry for natalicius

DMLBS entry for natalicius

We wish a very Happy Christmas to all our followers, friends, and supporters.