DMLBS website launched

We are proud to announce that the new DMLBS website is now ‘live’.

After existing in various draft and test states for a number of weeks, during which the whole team has done a magnificent job in writing material for the pages and choosing images, the site is now up and running for visitors to learn more about this important project – our team, our task, and our dictionary.

We hope the website will help to raise awareness of what we do and go some way to explaining our work not only to other scholars but also to the wider community.

For the first time in the history of this long-running project we present together in one place a whole range of information about the project and matters relating to our work. We look at Latin in the context of medieval Britain, and we explore its importance, vitality, and diversity. We describe the painstaking process of preparing the Dictionary. Finally, we take a look at the project itself, including the present team, our publications, the project’s history, and our future plans.

The website would not have been possible without the hosting offered by the APGRD, which we acknowledge with gratitude, and without the technical expertise of Tom Wrobel, who has designed and built the entire website.